Adult ADHD

One of the most common ways for adults to realize they have ADHD is to have a child diagnosed with it. About 5 percent of adults in the United States have a formal diagnosis of ADHD. That does not include all of the undiagnosed adults. If you think you may have ADHD here’s a quick checklist of common behaviors.

o You seem to be time blind
o You lose track of time when you are doing something you like or are focused on
o You have an organizational system that makes sense to you but looks like a mess to everyone else
o You often start tasks and then don’t finish them
o You avoid doing things you don’t feel comfortable with or don’t want to do
o A yes answer doesn’t necessarily represent a commitment to get the task done
o You become restless and fidgety when you have to sit still, or you zone out
o You tend to interrupt and talk over people in conversations
o You are willing to try new things and take risks that most people would avoid
o You are spontaneous and at times can be impulsive


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