Anxiety To Reduce Anxiety: My Happy Place

My Happy Place

 I notice that when people are stressed that they often start talking about when they can plan a vacation somewhere. Vacations are great but they are few and far between. We need to find ways to get that feeling in little bursts on a more consistent basis. And our kids need that too.

  • Time to call a family meeting or to find a place to hide away for a few minutes.
  • Talk or think about some of your favorite trips or places you’ve seen and would like to visit someday. Beaches or mountains. Amusement parks of nature walks.
  • Look at pictures and talk or think about what makes those places special. Look at all of the details so you can conjure them back up in your mind
  • Talk or think about simple things that bring you comfort. A soft blanket, the smell of candles, a favorite stuffed animal.
  • Now close your eyes and take a quick vacation. Shoo away any thoughts that come in to try to disturb you. You can be in your special place alone or invite someone to join you. It’s all up to you, who goes, where you go, and how long you stay.
  • When you are all done if you are with others share your experiences. Either way be sure to store the experience in your mind and to practice going there as often as you need to.

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