Back To School Strategies For Parents With Children With Autism

Back To School Strategies For Parents With Children With Autism

Social Skills Training

  1. Greetings-
    1. Teach them how to say hello depending on who it is and where they are
    2. Teach them about starting and maintaining a conversation-and how to increase the topics they can engage in
  • Teach them how to end a conversation politely and how to know when someone else wants to end the conversation
  1. Nonverbal communication
    1. Teach them about eye contact and how and when to keep it
    2. Teach them about the importance of posture-and about standing and sitting straight and tall
  • Teach them to look at their body language for example Crossed arms says I’m agitated
  1. Teach them about personal space-stay in your bubble. You should never be closer than arms length from anyone you are speaking too
  2. Teach them when to hug-only people who you know very well and who have agreed to a hug
  3. Teach them how to read nonverbal communication in others to avoid making someone mad without knowing why
  1. Language and Communication
    1. Teach them that even if its true it may not need to be said if it will hurt someone’s feelings
    2. Teach them not to take everything so seriously or literally
  • Teach them to communicate with their words not their emotions
  1. What to do if you are being bullied?
    1. Teach them that if you are not in danger to ask the person to stop the behavior and tell them they don’t like it
    2. Give them a second warning if they do it again and let them know you are going to tell the teacher
  • Tell the teacher and let your parents know what is going on


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