Busy Season Is Upon Us

This weekend we went to Home Depot. I am sorry if I offend you, but I hate Home Depot. I never really know what I need, where to find it, and who to ask for the right information. Home Depot is an especially joyful experience during the holiday season when it is much more crowded, and everyone is in a much bigger rush than you apparently to do something. We began our journey at the paint counter. After the third person literally pushed in front of us, I just looked up at Dave and he said, “Go look at holiday decorations, I’ve got this.” In that moment I remembered how much I loved this man and realized I probably should have made a little less of a fuss this morning when he left the kitchen counter a mess, but I digress.

So I pranced off and found the people looking at decorations to be much more pleasant than those at the paint counter, however I was appalled by how many boxes had been ripped open and items removed. I don’t know when that became a thing and it really made me sadly hope it was just kids left unattended. Deep down in my heart though I feared that some little kids stood by and watched their parents teach them to steal.

We finally had our paints, and I found some unopened boxes and we met up and got on line. Now if you knew my dad you would know that lines are no game. He took lines very seriously and no one was cutting in front of him or his family. I take after my dad. So just as it was my turn a man pushed his cart in front of mine and cut in front of me. I said “Excuse me I’m next”, and he said some very bad potty words. My husband who was a knight in shining armor that day stood up for me and the guys eyes started to bulge out of his head and he said even more potty words. I told Dave to back off because as much as I loved the chivalry, I had Christmas carols to sing and a tree to put up, and I had no time for an emergency room.

So what’s the message here. I think there are a few. Number one our kids are watching. Not just our own but our children as a whole. So if we want them to behave better and I hear all the time about “kids these days”, we need to work a little harder to be at least civil if not kind. Number 2 the world is not about you or about me and sometimes we forget that when we are busy, and we really need to buy paint. Slow down and look around. There are a lot of people just trying to get where they need to be too, so wait your turn. Number 3 because some stranger treats you poorly you don’t have to retaliate. It’s not worth it. You have no idea what they have been through or frankly what they are capable of. Number 4 know when to step in. If I had stayed at the paint counter, I may have been writing this from jail so I am eternally grateful to my knight in shining armor who realized that orange is not my color.

Hang in there my friends. The busy season is upon us😊

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