Chaos Coordinator or Chaos Creator: Which One Are You?

Are You A Chaos Coordinator or a Chaos Creator

I have worked with a lot of people in my life because I have lived a lot of years. I have noticed that there are 2 kinds of people that enter into my work life.

Chaos Coordinators

  1. They are solution oriented
  2. They say yes way more than they say no
  3. They laugh often and stay positive
  4. They come up with alternate solutions to the same situation
  5. They often say, “What do you think about this idea?”
  6. They realize when they need to be the voice of reason and they take over
  7. They also realize when they need to step back and take a quiet role
  8. They are supportive and loyal to the company and their co-workers
  9. They are compassionate but they don’t let their feelings interfere with their effectiveness
  10. They are willing to learn and take accountability when they make a mistake

Chaos Creators

  1. They bring problems to the table without solutions
  2. They often say it can’t be done like that
  3. They are unresponsive in times of chaos
  4. They have a lot to say but take no accountability
  5. They take initiative in areas where they should have asked for guidance first
  6. They often create triangulation pitting one person against another
  7. They are always there to point out what can go wrong
  8. They often answer questions indirectly and its hard to get to the bottom of things when things go wrong
  9. They put out a façade that they know what they are doing until things explode
  10. When the going gets tough they take time off

Chaos Coordinators make everyone’s life easier because they are positive, solution-oriented, and flexible. I am blessed to have a team of Chaos Coordinators. But I have also worked with many Chaos Creators. These people talk a great deal rather than getting things accomplished, highlight the negative aspects of the job, and often rile people up when the going gets tough. As I read through my own list I realize that some times in life I am the Chaos Creator rather than the Chaos Coordinator I strive to be. I’m human. So are you. So if you look at what it takes to be a chaos coordinator and realize there’s work to be done, you are human. If you look at that list and realize that you have work to do to become who you strive to be, we can help.

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