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Ashkin Counseling

  Gifted and Educational Testing                         

                       Neuropsychological Testing and Cognitive Rehabilitation 

Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling

Certified Love and Respect Marriage Mentor

 Certified Life Coach                                          

All Services are available through telehealth

Counseling Services 

My goal is to provide counseling services in the comfort and safety of your home 

Cognitive Behavioral Counseling

I provide cognitive-behavioral counseling because I believe our thoughts affect our actions and that we can have control of both. Here are some of the most common issues that I handle:

1-Anxiety and depression



4-Parenting issues

5-Life transition and stress reduction counseling

6-Academic and Work related concerns/Career Guidance

7-Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

8- Autism Spectrum Disorders

9-Marital and family issues