Do I Need To Donate My Organs Right Now?

Do I Need To Donate My Organs Right Now?

 Linda Wechter-Ashkin PhD NCSP BC-TMHC ADHD CCSP

 On Alex’s 15th birthday we had an appointment at the DMV to get his permit. He was a little nervous but more excited about the prospect of driving soon. He had passed his Drug and Alcohol and Road Safety tests, and we had all of the required paperwork. We waited the year that it always takes at the DMV but it was finally our turn and we walked up to Window 3.  The woman collected his paperwork indicating his passing scores and his application and 2 forms of identification. Right before he was about to take his picture the clerk asked him if he wanted to donate his organs to someone who needed them. We had never talked about organ donors so unfortunately; he really didn’t understand what was being asked of him. He turned a little white and asked her if he could think about it for a minute. Then he said yes and asked me the most innocent and gut-wrenching question I have ever heard. He asked, “Where do you think they are going to do it?” I asked, “Do what?” He said, “Where will they take me to take the organs they need?” There are so many times in my life that I question everything I’ve ever done as a parent, but in that moment, I knew I may have done a lot wrong, but I also did a lot right.

Alex wasn’t entirely sure what an organ was, who needed it, and which one he was donating that day, but his answer was yes. The bible talks about a boy named Samuel who was called by God in the middle of the night to serve him. Samuel was probably around 12 years old at the time so when he heard God calling, he thought it was his dad Eli and kept coming to him to see what he needed. When his dad told him it was the voice of God he was willing and ready to hear his message and to follow his command. What I love about both of these boys is their willingness to do what needed to be done. Samuel was asleep and was living his typical life when he was called to be a prophet. Alex was just trying to get his license when he thought he was asked instead to give someone in need parts of his body. You may not do everything right as a parent. I certainly haven’t. Just ask my kids. One thing I pray that you do right is to teach them to give, teach them to think of others, and do it by setting the example for them.


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