Don’t Be Afraid To Put On Your Fuzzy Slippers

This time of the year there always seems to be so much to do. Some things are obligations, and some things I really want to do, but when my schedule is already packed, they can feel like obligations too. I don’t know about you, but I often have big, exciting plans for the weekend on Monday, that sound terrible by Friday afternoon. If I have to choose between going to the Tree Lighting or putting on my fuzzy slippers and watching a movie, no contest. Where is the remote!!  But then in the morning I feel rested but frustrated with myself for choosing rest, over the experience I missed.

We all know the importance of rest and the negative effects sleep deprivation can have on our mental and physical health, but sometimes taking the time to rest can lead to feelings of guilt. I remember back when Dave was a medical intern in what he calls “The Days Of The Giants.’ He would work a full day shift which rolled into an overnight shift and back into a day shift in the morning, and this cycle would repeat. Despite his ridiculous schedule he didn’t ever want to miss out on anything so as tired as he was, he would usually try his best to say yes to the plans I made for us. For our first anniversary I decided to cook a special meal for him at home. When he got home, I asked him how he was feeling, and he said great. I asked if he was tired, and he said no he was feeling good. So, I poured us a glass of wine and served our pasta and went back to get the bread I had made. By the time I got back to the table Dave had his head down on the table and was fast asleep. The next morning, he apologized profusely, but I knew he needed the rest much more than my lasagna.

So often we are running on empty and still trying to keep going like Dave was that night. But it causes us all kinds of trouble. We are more likely to argue with people because research shows that tired people have trouble understanding perspectives other than their own. We have a slower reaction time and the effects of alcohol double, so if we are driving, we are more likely to get into a crash. We are more susceptible to catching whatever is going around out there when were sleep deprived because our auto immune system depletes. We are more likely to overindulge in carbohydrates when we are tired so it’s likely we will make a poor food choice if dining is part of our plan.

So the next time that you feel guilty putting your feet up after a long week remember that you are making the right choice. Embrace it without guilt!! You are saving the world from an argumentative, bad driver and yourself from the flu and a 5 pound weight gain😊

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