Don’t Forget The People You Love

Yesterday we came home from a weekend away and as my daughter entered our home, she saw a bunch of ducklings in the pool. She jumped into action and got a net, and we began to try to rescue the ducklings while their mom watched. We were able to save two of them but sadly 2 of them were passing away, and there was nothing we could do for them. The mom quickly brought the two saved ducklings back to the group. We were sad but grateful that she had her two ducklings with her. But when I woke up this morning and looked out the window this is what I saw. If you are lucky enough to have people that are precious in your life remember to tell them that you love them and that life wouldn’t be the same without them. That even if your life has become busy and complicated and filled with other people and responsibilities, that they cannot be replaced. That they matter because of who they are rather than what they do. And that your love will follow them wherever they go and give them strength.

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