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Ashkin Counseling

  Gifted and Educational Testing                         

                       Neuropsychological Testing and Cognitive Rehabilitation 

Individual, Marriage, and Family Counseling

Certified Love and Respect Marriage Mentor

 Certified Life Coach                                          

All Services are available through telehealth

Educational Assessments

There are many reasons to seek an educational assessment. Here are some of the common symptoms that can lead you to seek a professional assessment.

Attentional Deficits:

1-Lack of focus and concentration at school or work

2-Inability to initiate tasks

3-Inability to complete tasks that are not interesting

4-Restlessness and boredom

5-Missing deadlines and not turning in assignments


Autism Spectrum

1-Difficulty communicating and understanding the emotions of others

2-Delay in language skills

3-Sensory sensitivities to touch, sound, light, and food

4-Delayed social activity

Specific Learning Disabilities

1-Despite intellectual; capabilities difficulty in one or more areas such as written expression, mathematics or reading and phonological awareness

2-Difficulty with auditory, verbal. spatial or visual processing

3-Difficulty retaining information


High School Students Taking the SAT or ACT may be eligible for accommodations if an assessment is performed at least 6 months prior to testing. These accommodations can also be used in college. 

 I will help you to navigate the school system and to access the resources that your child deserves, to help them to meet their specific needs.