How Does A Gifted Child Behave?

How Does A Gifted Child Behave?

Linda Wechter-Ashkin PhD NCSP BC-TMHC ADHD-CCSP

One of the first gifted children I ever tested was one of the most challenging. He came into the room with his mother and began to undo everything in the room. Books were flying, test materials were dropping, not because he was angry, just because he was very curious, and a little clumsy. When we got him situated and began testing, I couldn’t get much out of him. His mom kept smiling and saying just wait, you’ll see. So I did. We played, we drew, we talked, and then I began asking questions and he had all of the right answers until it came to one of the simplest tasks I asked of him. The instructions were repeat after me. “See the boy run.”. “Now you say it” I said. His answer was, “Well why was he running?” “I’m not sure I responded but can you just repeat the sentence.” His answer at 5 was, “That is pointless because if I don’t know why he is running so why would I repeat that sentence.” I gave him the point.

Another child that I tested had a great deal of trouble concentrating because he complained that he was “SO BORED”. He went under the table, jumped on the chairs, begged to be released from his misery, and went to the bathroom 5 times in an hour. Interestingly enough though he kept answering questions because he could not accept anything but success, and after each answer he looked up at me and said, “Did I do it right?”

Others walk in like mini adults, sit down, complete every item without a peep, and leave me with more information about their preferred topic than I could have ever imagined existed. They question the answers to the questions I ask and argue with the test maker when they get the answer incorrect.

So the answer is it differs. Overall gifted children are inquisitive, creative in their answers, quick learners, born leaders, and enjoy learning. They notice details that other don’t, and know more about their preferred topics than you can believe is possible. They may be able to navigate you to a place they have only been once, play a self-taught instrument, or learn languages at an alarming rate. They tend to be highly competitive and dislike losing, and in general they are very hard on themselves.

But it’s hard to know for sure if they are truly in that 1-2 percent of the country that falls into that category. That’s where we come in. Give us a call at 561-769-9437 and schedule an evaluation to know for sure.

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