How Does It Go So Fast?

How Does It Go So Fast?

Linda Wechter-Ashkin PhD NCSP BC-TMHC ADHD CCSP 

From the moment I looked at that first pregnancy stick when my daughter Rikki was born, I would never be the same. My heart no longer belonged to me. My children have created places in my heart that I didn’t know existed and I do not have words to explain where that place is and what that kind of love feels like. Sadly, because I am me with that love came fears that I never knew existed. What if they got sick? What if I missed something? What if I died and left them behind?  What if I was doing it all wrong? What if I failed them? What if they grew up to hate me?

I have watched them grow from calling Rikki my little pee and Alex my pinhead. I watched them learn their milestones, crack their heads, and learn to swim and ride their bicycles. I cried when they left for kindergarten and harder when they left for college. I watched my parents go from mom and dad to grandma and grandpa and as of recently to great grandparents when Alex and Sara blessed us with my first grandchild Lily Marie.

Life is short my friend. I don’t know what season you are in but the next is coming soon. You are on a landslide and you either have to choose to enjoy the ride or to fear the next curve. Parenting is hard!!  It’s amazing and rewarding but hard. If you are finding yourself losing focus on what you have, because you are living in fear or in daily chaos that is stealing your joy. Don’t make this adventure into an ordeal, We can help!

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