Lessons For Your Children: Be Sure That You Are Who You Say You Are

Go Saints

As part of the trip Alex and I took we went to a Saints Game. The Saints were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Alex was rooting for Tampa Bay, so I was too. We bought jerseys and hats and were really excited about what was supposed to be a great game. When we got to the hotel, we were a little intimidated by the fact that it seemed everyone there was a Saints fan, but we shrugged it off. The next morning when we went down to breakfast wearing our gear lots of people joked with us but most of it was all just good fun. On the way to the car though there were a group of women who were very rude and said a lot of words that shouldn’t be spoken at all, especially around a 12-year-old boy. All the while they were screaming the Saints chant. I said to Alex this is probably not at all the image the players would want to see wearing their jerseys and singing the Saints chant. We laughed and headed over to the game. We had amazing seats right down in front with a great view of the field. After a while 2 women came in and sit in two of the seats down the row. They were very loud and cursed a great deal while proudly singing the chant and displaying Saints attire. About 10 minutes before the game was about to start the rightful owners of the tickets to those seats came in and politely told the women that those were their seats. I kid you not the women turned to these polite young men and said, “Do you expect me to walk all the way up those stairs to those cheap seats when I can sit in these.” The women got so loud that security came, and they wound up getting thrown out of the game.

The game was great, I have no idea who won, but I do remember an important lesson that I was able to teach Alex that day. We display a fish on the back of our car, we have bibles throughout our house, and we talk about God whenever we get a chance to. We wear the God Jersey, we sing the God songs, and we declare to the world that we are God loving. Then we need to make God proud while we are doing so. I really am sure that the players and coaches and owners of the team would not be proud of some of their representatives. They are there to entertain and unite. They would not want a message of division and self-righteousness to be used to represent them. Neither would God. I pray that you will teach your children what it means to love God and its not about going to the right church or knowing the right bible verse to use at the right time. It’s about spreading unity and love not division and self-righteousness.


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