Lessons For Your Children: Know When You Are Being Called On To Be A Hero

He’s Choking Watch Your Brother

Many years back when the kids were younger Dave took them to the mall to get my Mother’s Day Gift. They were excited and had a whole day planned of shopping, lunch, and exploring fish stores. Later that day they came home very excited to tell their story. It was much different than they expected but a memory they would never forget. When they were walking through the mall, they saw a crowd gathered. They saw women crying, people screaming, and a small child on the floor.  Dave gave Alex to Rikki who was probably about 4 at the time and said watch your brother that boy is choking. He ran over, un-lodged part of a pacifier from his throat and handed back a perfectly healthy baby to his mother. Then without applause or fanfare he resumed his job of finding a present for their mommy.

That was probably about 24 years ago and just the other night the kids were talking about it around Easter dinner. That day they saw their dad as a hero but what they remembered more was the ease and modesty in the way he carried himself. He modeled to them that when someone has to step up let it be you. Not because anyone is looking but because you are commissioned to do so by God. The interesting thing is that at the time Dave didn’t know Jesus, had not read the bible, and had never stepped foot in church unless there was a funeral or wedding. He didn’t preach God but he knew him. He shared God that day not in his words, not in his worship, but in his actions. These days Dave knows Jesus, he can quote the bible, and you can find him weekly at church. I love all of that about him. But I also love the man that showed the children Jesus before he even knew him.

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