1- Licensed Psychologist
2-Certified ADHD Clinical Service Provider

3-Certified Life Coach
4-Nationally Certified School Psychologist

5-Board Certified Telemental Health Therapist
6-Certified Marriage Coach

7-Certified Teacher



Meet Linda

I have devoted my life to the study of both education and psychology. I have a bachelor’s degree in exceptional education, a masters degree in counseling, a specialist degree in multicultural school psychology, and a doctoral degree in educational psychology. I am a board-certified teacher, a certified school psychologist, a certified life coach, a board certified telemental health therapist, and a licensed psychologist. I specialize in assessing giftedness, autism, attentional deficits, specific learning disabilities, neuropsychological and developmental deficits, and generalized anxiety in both children and adults. I have written 2 books, the most recent being called Am I Doing This All Right Or Wrong which leads readers through the many phases and stages of parenting. I am married for almost 40 years to my high school sweetheart, and I have 2 adult children, and 1

grandchild. My passions are reading, writing, running, and working out. My business is family owned and run so you will feel like you are part of our family right from your first phone call. Come on in and take a better look at who we are and what we do. And by the way leave your email for a free give


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