So Much To Blog About In This World

So a few weeks back I mentioned that I might blog a little less consistently and it seems like God said not so fast Linda. There is a lot going on out there that you may want to talk about.

If you have spent more than 2 minutes with me, you probably know that I am very much in love with God. I don’t always listen to him, or behave the way he may want me to, but I really do try to put him at the center of my life as much as my weak spirit allows me to.

If you ask me something I am passionate about one thing that will always come up is my desire to help people with autism. I feel like it is part of my purpose to help newly diagnosed children and adults to better understand what the diagnosis means, how to reach their full potential, and how to navigate the system.

So when a client told me about an email from a church pastor stating that he was cancelling Autism Awareness Week at her child’s school, my ears were open. Because honestly although I am a great advocate of education and of many of the organizations that support autism, I could understand if he said there are just too many causes to support, and our primary job is to teach our children. Not sure I’d agree about cancelling it especially at the last minute, but I’d understand. If he said the planned activities were not representative of a Christian school, I may or may not agree but that also would make some sort of sense.

But instead, he said this, “Remember those bracelets from the 2000s that asked, “WWJD?” If Jesus Christ led Trinity, would HE have an Autism Awareness Week? Of course not! Why? Because anything that exalts itself above the name of Christ should be brought down. Also, anything that teaches our children to have their identity in anything other than Christ is idolatry and demonic. Let me repeat myself just so I am not quoted out of context: any philosophy, teaching, or program that teaches our precious children that their identity is found in anything other than Christ is idolatry and demonic. Period. “

 That I wasn’t prepared for. So maybe if he had stopped at idolatry, I could have heard him out. I do believe that anything we love can become an idol if we let it take the place of God. We don’t mean it to be that way but a new love, a new job, a new home, a promotion. Things that bring us comfort and joy can often take our focus off of God.

But demonic. I just can’t buy into that one. That seems too far, too bold, too arrogant. I have to be honest I’m praying that this pastor is thinking about if what he did conformed to the ideology based on the WWJD bracelets. I’m hoping he’s pondering whether he gets to decide what “philosophies, teachings, and programs are demonic or if maybe that is better left for God to decide. I’m trying hard not to judge him because I’m no picnic and that makes me a hypocrite, but I may be failing a bit.

Since I first heard of this situation it has become news and I’m going to attach a link so that if you haven’t seen it, you can take a look and make your own decision. I do hope that this pastor went rogue on this, and that this situation is not reflective of the general culture of the school, or of his beliefs in general. It just seems like the philosophies, and teachings, he mentioned in his email are not aligned with who he is meant to represent to the world. Our loving, inclusive, and almighty God.


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