The Person You Are Stuck With

Kristen age 10 was asked how you know who to marry. She said, “No person really decides before they grow up who they’re going to marry. God decides it all way before and you find out later who you are stuck with.”

My dad loved humor. He always said that the best thing you could do for someone is to make them laugh. I think this had a great deal to do with how he remained married for almost 62 years until God took him home. My Aunt Lee and Uncle Hugh were married for 64 years, and they shared their secret for success with Dave and I one night when we went to visit. They said they learned early on to find things to laugh about together, and they reminded us that there is always something to laugh about.

Many people believe in soulmates. I guess that would be the person God picked for you that you were stuck with. I don’t believe there is only 1 person for each person. As a counselor I have met so many people that have loved and lost and found love again. I had one specific client I’ll call Sharon that met the love of her life as a teenager and spent 50 years with him, raised a family, and had the blessing of grandchildren. When her husband passed away, she was devastated, and it took her many years to allow herself to feel joy. One night at a community show she met a gentleman with kind eyes and strong hands. He had lost his wife many years ago. They decided that neither was ready to be in a relationship, so they became friends and began to enjoy dinners, shows, and long walks together. As time went on, they decided to give love a try again. Last year at 84 he passed away. They had been together for almost 20 years. Sharon shared with me how blessed she felt to have found 2 great loves in her life, each different but each filled with love and laughter.

So if you are “stuck with someone “this holiday season I pray that you won’t take that for granted. I know I often do. If you are looking for someone to be “stuck with” don’t give up. “If you have lost the person you expected to be “stuck with” to death, or the death of the love you had together, remember that God is the God of second chances.  Keep smiling”, as my Uncle Hugh used to say. “God is still working on it.”  And in the meantime, find reasons to keep on laughing and there is always a reason for laughter if you just look for it.

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