Time Goes On: A Teenagers Outlook On Life


This was written by a 13-year-old honor student as a school assignment. She is well-adjusted, has lots of friends, and has a clear life goal. It’s unclear if it’s a personal account or if it’s a compilation of her experiences and those of her peers, but it’s definitely raw. I’m going to let it speak for itself with the reminder that your teens are experiencing so many things as they walk the path that has been set before them. Be patient with them. Love them unconditionally. Listen to them more than you talk at them. Know when to step in and when to step back and let them learn the lessons they need to navigate through the days ahead of them. Don’t tell them these are the best days of their lives and that they have nothing to complain about. Because no matter how much you think they tell you about themselves, you may not realize how many things they keep to themselves.

I read this today. It was written by my little girl almost 20 years ago. I am so educated, I know so much about children and their development, I should have known better. I should have asked more questions. I thought I did. She is amazing and happy and successful despite my ignorance, so breathe if you are currently in a panic that you missed the boat with your own children. I’m just saying if the clock is still running for you read closely, hug     tightly, forgive freely and please don’t say when I was a kid:(

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