What Kind Of Week Was It?

I love my clients. So when one of them says, “I’ve had a week,” I lean in a little more to hear the story unfold. Sometimes it’s just been a week. The car broke down, the in-laws arrived, the kids are sick, and it’s all just a little overwhelming. So we talk about it and we look at things they can and cannot control. We talk about self-care and the importance of fitting it in even when it seems impossible. They leave the session still overwhelmed but usually a little lighter once they gain their perspective back. The week stunk, it was inconvenient, but it was just a week.

Other times it’s been a different kind of week. Something kind of life changing happened. It’s not tragic, but it throws them for a loop. It makes them question their decisions. It makes them question the decisions of others. It throws them off their game and requires a change in their plan. Maybe they got written up at work and warned that there wouldn’t be a next time. Maybe the guy they really thought was right for them lets out that he has a wife that he is sure to divorce, but not right yet.  Maybe they put in a claim and now they have no home insurance. Action is required and they often feel too stuck to jump into action. The crisis will pass, maybe not immediately, but it will. Sometimes we have all the facts, and sometimes we have to wait and see how things will transpire.  They are scared, or angry, or disappointed, or all three. We take some deep breaths together, we cry a little, and then we work together to develop a plan the best we can.  The week more than stunk, but I remind them that the situation is temporary despite the way they feel.

Still other times it’s been a much different kind of week. It’s life changing. This week will have a long lasting impact. It’s a new diagnosis. It’s news that a friend has suddenly gone home to the Lord much earlier than expected. It’s a miscarriage. It’s the kind of news that brings the person to their knees even if its not to pray. I usually get the call or text at an off hour, so I know to brace myself. There’s not a lot to say other than I’m here. We will figure it out. I will sleep with my phone on my chest. We will work for months sometimes years to rewrite their story with a much different plot unfolding than they had expected. These weeks are tragic, they will be remembered, but I remind them that it’s up to them if they let it define them.

I hope your weeks have been good weeks and I hope that continues for the rest of your days. Just know on the inconvenient weeks we are here to make you laugh and gain perspective. On the difficult weeks we are here to help you find solutions. And on the tragic weeks we are here to cry with you, hold your hand, and sleep with our phone on our chests.

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