When A Mom’s Soul Knows

 When A Mom’s Soul Knows

 Linda Wechter-Ashkin PhD NCSP BC-TMHC ADHD CCSP

 Sometimes a mom just knows. You interview dozens of babysitters until you feel the click. There’s just something about this one that feels right even though your husband doesn’t see the difference between this one and the other 5 teaching students with brown ponytails. But you do. But sometimes it’s even deeper. A moms soul knows what the mom is not privy to yet. One-night years back when Alex and Sara were dating, Sara came to our house distraught. She and her brother were fighting which was pretty typical for them and she said her mom blew her top. That was very unusual for Lily who was usually very level-headed, but I chalked it up to a bad day at work. She said her mom demanded that the two of them went into the bedroom and worked it out. She sat in the room and refused to let either of them leave until they apologized to each other. Sara said she was screaming that they are all they might have in the world someday so they needed to stay close. Sara was so angry, and I have to be honest it just didn’t make sense, but I’ve had bad days too. Soon after Lily was instantly killed by a drunk driver on her way to work.

I can’t help but to think her soul knew. Although Lily was planning a trip to London the following week for her 25th anniversary, her soul knew. Although Mathew was preparing to go back to Chicago, and Sara was preparing to go back to the University of Florida, Lily’s soul knew that some day soon they would see each other and would be filled with grief. Lily’s soul knew that they would carry guilt if they came back together knowing they had left their moms home being angry at each other. Her soul knew that she was about to leave her husband behind and that he would need his children to be united, not separated.  Her soul knew that her parents would be lost, and they needed both of their grandchildren to stand by their side without holding a grudge. Her soul knew what none of us knew that night when Lily acted so out of character. We were confused, Mathew and Sara were angry, but her soul knew.

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