Williams Syndrome Meet Keri


Williams syndrome (WS) is a genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone. It is characterized by medical problems, including cardiovascular disease, developmental delays, and learning challenges. These often occur side by side with striking verbal abilities, highly social personalities, and an affinity for music.

I have to be honest I didn’t know much about Williams Syndrome until I met Keri. Keri is one of the most positive people I know, despite the great deal of adversity she has faced. Keri has Williams Syndrome, which has caused her various health problems throughout her life. But one thing about Keri is that you will never hear her complain. Keri is also one of the most compassionate and empathetic people that I have ever met. I have watched her sit with both children and the elderly and she makes them feel like they are the most important people in the world. Keri is also one of the most determined young women that I know. Keri would be described categorically as having an intellectual disability, but she does her best to never let that stop her from reaching her fullest potential. Keri is always looking for ways to improve her skillset. She works as a volunteer in both a school and a restaurant, and she consistently asks for additional responsibilities. She has a love for learning and delights in any opportunity to improve her ability to develop the skills that she will need to live fully independently in the future.

Keri is out testing coordinator and Behavioral Technician’s daughter. If you have had your child evaluated by us you will have met Kelly and you can see where Keri gets her determination and compassionate spirit from.

Keri made this video as part of her application for the FAU Academy for Community Inclusion Program. With her permission I am sharing it with you.  I know you will be as impressed and moved as I was when I saw it.

May is Williams Syndrome Awareness Month. If you want to know more about William’s Syndrome visit the Williams Syndrome Association Website at https://williams-syndrome.org/


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