Welcome David Battlefield Our New Mental Health Counselor


David is well known among the South Florida community for his passion, expertise, and willingness to patiently guide others on their right path. He has been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida for more than 28 years, providing mental health and substance abuse services to adolescents, teenagers, and adults. He’s also worked at two major South Florida hospitals.

David spent 32 years as an Ocean Rescue Lieutenant for the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department, 7 years as a middle school counselor, and 3 years as a mental health facilitator and counselor for the Broward County Detention Center. During his 29-year tenure at Aventura Hospital, David shared his charismatic style and unique approach to mental health as the featured Mental Health Counselor in YouTube videos that were played throughout the hospital.

Interesting Facts about David: Most people do not know he loves deep sea fishing. He is the proud owner of a seven-foot sail fish that he miraculously caught by its tail on his last venture.

We are excited to add you to our team David!!


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